The Archies Return In An Ongoing Comic With Real-World Rocker Guest-Stars In October

by Hannah Means Shannon

If you read or heard about The Archies One-Shot that Archie Comics published a little while back, including some excellent variant covers, you’ll be happy to hear that The Archies are coming back, as a band and as a comic series, created by the same team, and this time there are going to be some real-world bands guest-starring in the series, too.

The all-star team of co-writers Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg (Archie Meets The Ramones) and artist Joe Eisma (Archie, Riverdale) are bringing us The Archies this October 2017 for a new ongoing series that picks up with the band right after they’ve played their first successful show together and are leaving for their first tour across the country. And along the way, they’ll be meeting “real-life bands”.

Segura says:

When we jammed on THE ARCHIES ONE-SHOT, it was always in the hopes of having the book become an ongoing, so it was great to see the positive response that made it possible. Adding real bands in the mix gives the series a must-read twist and opens the door for Matt, Joe and I to get our favorite bands into Riverdale.

Rosenberg adds:

We’re taking The Archies out of Riverdale and sending them on tour across the country to experience everything a touring band goes through. So whether you grew up with Archie or you’ve never read a comic, here’s a great chance to hop in the van with these 5 old friends and experience something totally new.

Artist Joe Eisma, colorist Matt Herms, and letterer Jack Morelli, the art team from March’s one-shot, will all be working on this series, too.

Eisma says:

What Alex and Matt have cooked up pretty much defines the ultimate comic for me, said Eisma. I can’t wait for readers to see the great stuff we have in store!

The new series will be released just in time for New York Comic Con on October 4th, 2017 and features covers by Joe Eisma, Matthew Dow Smith, Sandy Jarrell with Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Thomas Pitilli.

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