Dynamite Announces Mike Carey On Barbarella And Fall Release Ahead Of SDCC ’17

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dynamite have started their official SDCC ’17 announcements, and first up is that Barbarella’s first comic series ever will be arriving this Fall to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the film heroine. The series will feature the writing of Mike Carey (Ultimate Fantastic FourX-MenLucifer). Additionally, Jean-Marc Lofficier, who is the “longtime custodian of the Barbarella brand”will join Carey as supervisor on the project.

Carey says:

In the 1960s, Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella was a character who helped to define her era–the first emancipated heroine for a decade that questioned all rules and moral codes. I’m hugely excited to be involved in re-inventing this classic and iconic character for the modern age, and introducing her to many readers who weren’t even alive when she first traveled the spaceways.

Mike Carey’s work spans comics, books, TV and film scripts, and radio plays. His novel The Girl with All the Gifts was an international bestseller, and was adapted by Carey for the 2016 Colm McCarthy-directed film. He’s written for DC and Marvel, including acclaimed runs on Ultimate Fantastic Four and X-Men, and with Peter Gross, Lucifer and The Unwritten. His books include Fellside, the Felix Castor series, and The Steel Seraglio (with Linda and Louise Carey).

Created by Jean Claude Forest in 1962, Barbarella was ingrained in pop culture after Jane Fonda’s unforgettable portrayal in the 1968 film. She was a key figure in the struggle for sexual freedom in comics, and has not appeared in a new series since her stint in Heavy Metal.

Senior Editor Matt Idelson says:

I can’t begin to express my pride in getting to be part of the first new adventures of Barbarella  in decades, and I’m excited for all the comics readers who don’t know of her exploits and are going to want to find the original material after reading this book. The bonus of finally getting to work with Mike after years of cyberstalking him is the cherry on the sundae, and if the early going is any indication, this book is going to be amazing!

Dynamite Entertainment first announced the return of Barbarella to comic books in October of 2016. In addition to original comic book stories, Dynamite has the license to develop Barbarella in categories which include art books and 3D figurines.
Barbarella will be solicited in Previews and is slated for release this Fall.

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