Read At Your Own Risk! IDW Announce Goosebumps Comics For Autumn Ahead Of SDCC ’17

by Hannah Means Shannon

IDW has made a big announcement in the expansion of their comics line ahead of SDCC ’17–the debut of comics based on the world of R.L. Stine’s bestselling Goosebumps series this autumn. IDW will “bring funny scares to the next generation of Goosebumps readers this October”, according to the publisher.
This year, the Goosebumps book series published by Scholastic celebrates 25 years of thrills for readers, and IDW is going to be publishing original stories that re-visit some “familiar and frightening faces”.
The comics promise “fearsome monsters” and heroes in tight spots.

R.L. Stine says:

My first reading thrill when I was a kid were the EC horror comics, Tales from the Crypt and The Vault of Horror. They introduced me to the excitement of reading. Now all these years later, I have another thrill–seeing my stories and characters come to life in a comic book series of their own.

The first Goosebumps storyline will be “Monsters at Midnight,” and will be written by Jeremy Lambert (Attack on Titan Anthology) and drawn by Chris Fenoglio (X-Files: Origins). They’ll be transporting readers to a “hauntingly familiar setting called Horrorland”–a world originally introduced in the Goosebumps novels.
IDW describe the first storyline thus:
Mia and Ginny were planning on spending a thoroughly dull summer at Grandma’s house with nothing but mothballs to entertain them. Enter a spooky, old bookshop and a door left slightly ajar, and soon these sisters find themselves trapped in a Horrorland drastically different from the sleepy, suburban town they left behind.
Each three-issue arc will feature a brand-new, self-contained story with rotating creative teams, according to IDW.
Each single issue will have “creep-tastic variant covers” by artists such as Derek Charm, Drew Rausch, CP Wilson III, Cat Farris, and more.

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