An Unconventional Life Portrayed In Professor Marston & The Wonder Women Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Wonder Woman creator Dr. William Moulton Marston, his wife and their girlfriend are the focus of the upcoming film Professor Marston & The Wonder Woman. And as glimpsed in the following trailer, their lives were extraordinary and unconventional.

The film stars Luke Evans as Marston, the Harvard psychologist who created Wonder Woman character in the 1940s. While he wrote the early Wonder Woman stories, which featured a fascination with bondage and submission, he also held a secret about his personal life. His wife Elizabeth Marston (Rebecca Hall) and their lover Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote) were inspiring the tales of Diana.
This has always been a story whispered in hush tones whenever Wonder Woman’s origins are discussed. While it might seem salacious to a bunch of boys learning about comics in the 1990s — like yours truly — it’s also an amazing tale of true devotions and an unexpected legacy. I’m glad to see this story is getting a screen treatment with such a great cast.
Written and directed by Angela Robinson, Professor Marston & The Wonder Women opens on October 27th.

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