Comic Con Honolulu Will Get Exclusive Edition Of The Only Living Boy: Prisoner Of The Patchwork Planet

by Hannah Means Shannon


Comic Con Honolulu and Papercutz are pleased to reveal a convention exclusive of The Only Living Boy: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet.  Limited to 200 copies, this unique edition honors the birthplace of Hawaiian-born author David Gallaher, co-creator of the series.

Nominated for four Harvey Awards, The Only Living Boy tells the story of 12-year old Erik Farrell, who runs away from home only to find himself without his memory, stranded on a patchwork planet with danger lurking around every corner. Erik allies himself with Morgan, a mermaid warrior and Thea, a teenage princess from a mysterious insect race. He’ll need their help to escape the Dreaded Lord Baalikar and the evil Doctor Once and maybe, one day, find his way back home.

Gallaher says:

So much of who I am as an author comes from being born and raised in Hawaii. There is so much beauty, mystery, and splendor here in Hawaii and this special edition is a rare opportunity for us to do something special for our fans and add to their experience at the convention. It’s a pleasure to work with Comic Con Honolulu and Papercutz on this project.

The Only Living Boy Honolulu Edition will be  limited to 200 copies and be available for purchase at David Gallaher’s booth in Kamehameha II during the convention on July 28th through 30th.

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