SDCC ’17: Dynamite Announces Partnership With MGM For Jeepers Creepers Horror Comics

by Hannah Means Shannon

In a late-breaking development that’s part of Dynamite Entertainment’s slate of SDCC ’17 major announcements, the publisher has revealed a partnership with MGM for their “Cult-Favorite Horror Franchise”, Jeepers Creepers, in a plan to create “original stories of Midwestern murder and mayhem”.

Here’s an idea of where these stories might be headed:
In Jeepers Creepers, two homeward-bound teens are nearly run off a desolate country highway by a maniac in a beat-up truck… and later spot him shoving what appears to be a body down a sewer pipe. But when they stop to investigate, they discover that the grisly reality at the bottom of that pipe is far worse than they could have ever suspected: The Creeper – an ancient, winged monstrosity with needle-like teeth – awakens every 23 years for 23 days, terrorizing victims and using the scent of their fear to identify what replacement body parts he can harvest to maintain his immortal existence.
Celebrated by horror maestro Clive Barker as “the most scary, stylish horror movie I’ve seen in years”, Jeepers Creepers – starring the talented actors Justin Long and Gina Philips – had a record-breaking theatrical release and spawned a successful sequel, wherein The Creeper menaced a broken-down bus full of high school athletes.

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