SDCC ’17: Marvel Announces Thanos By Cates And Shaw, Immortal Iron Fists By Andrews And Chan , X-Men Grand Design By Piskor

by Hannah Means Shannon

Peter S. Svensson writes:

Coming out of Marvel at SDCC ’17 today, the news broke that Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw are the new creative team on Thanos starting with issue 13 as of November 2017. Donny Cates has also been signed to an exclusive at Marvel. Shaw and Cates formerly worked together on God Country at Image.

A new Marvel miniseries, Immortal Iron Fists is available on Comixology right now, written by Kaare Andrews, with art by Afu Chan. A biweekly series in six parts, the first issue is available now. It is exclusively on digital formats. The series continues one of the plots from Kaare Andrews previous Iron Fist series, with the little girl now trying to train to become an Iron Fist herself.

Likewise, Marvel announced a six issue miniseries, X-Men Grand Design. It’s a history of the X-Men by Ed Piskor, the writer and artist on Hip Hop Family Tree. This six issue series covers every decade of X History from 60s to the current days, condensing a decade of stories into its own narrative. It will start coming out in December, and will not be digital exclusive.

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