SDCC ’17: No Guarantee Anyone Will Make It Out Alive –The Strain Panel At SDCC On The Final Season

by Hannah Means Shannon


In The Strain Panel at SDCC ’17 on Thursday, showrunner Carlton Cuse promised there was no guarantee major characters would make it out alive in this final season on FX.
Asked about their favorite moments in the four seasons of the show, the gas station scene from season 1 sticks with many of the actors, giving them a sense of “we’re all in this together”.
Asked about the writing in the show, and whether in this season we’ll see exactly where the Strigoi come from, Chuck Hogan says you can’t stop the show to explain things. However, there are certain Strigoi who are elevated by the Master and part of their selves are still there. He said they’ve covered where the Strigoi come from, as the development of a virus, and there are different strata of the Strigoi established. They confirmed that there will be more flashbacks throughout the season, even in the finale.
Max Charles was asked what his audition for The Strain was like, and he said that the process was laid back, allowing him to do what he wanted to do. That attitude continued on set, where he was allowed a lot of freedom to make the character “real”.

Asked if they ever get scared of Vampires on set, the actors said that people are probably more afraid of Kevin Durand on set. He tends to make jokes about predatory animals, and sneaks up on his fellow actors when they are shooting on location. He finds the Vampire make up “beautiful” though scary, but sitting down with people in makeup and talking about normal “familial stuff” will make you less afraid of those characters.
Asked about the adaptation process, Cuse said that “feedback informs how we continued to write the show”.
Asked if there will be a reappearance of past characters in this final season, Chuck Hugan said that flashbacks cover that frequently, but this season is not “a trip down memory lane”.
The Strain’s final season is currently running on FX!

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