SDCC ’17: Preview Night Views Of the DC Booth

by Hannah Means Shannon

The DC Comics booth at San Diego Comic Con is usually easy to spot due to their ceiling-hanging block-like decorations, and this year was no exception– and it was a major draw for crowds in the minutes after the Preview Night of the show officially opened and fans were let loose on the convention.
There were familiar aspects to the design this year–much to recognize from last year. But some of the themes had definitely shifted. Now it was all Justice League and very much so.
But not before a little Watchmen reference:
And if you look closely, you’ll see Lucifer, too:
But our glass cases this year are filled with Justice League members in fine detail:
And in photographic evidence too:

But there is still a little love for iZombie:
And indeed for Superhero Girls:  
As many folks as there were checking out the DC booth in the first 15 minutes or so of the show, it will be so immensely crowded during normal convention hours that the experience was almost zen on this Preview Night.

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