SDCC’17: Get Your Jock-Inspired Dredd Badge From Jock

by Olly MacNamee

Jock may not be an artist people immediately associated with Judge Dredd, but trust me, he’s done the odd strip or two.
And, it’s his take on the iconic lawman of the future’s badge that Planet replicas will be selling at SDCC but only during Jock’s convention appearance and only available from his signing on 11am on Saturday 22nd July at Booth #2906.

Although his time working on the legendary lawman of the future was brief, Jock – the nom de plume of artist Mark Simpson – quickly established himself as one of the defining modern artists on Judge Dredd. With his kinetic style and unique sense of design, he was an immediate fan favourite and has gone on to superstardom in comics thanks to work on Batman, Scalped, Green Arrow, The Losers, and Witches.

But, fear not as this will be available from Planet Replicas later in the year for 40 Earth Pounds. That’s about 52 American Bucks to you all!

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