Hack/Slash Returns In A Resurrection By Tini Howard, Celor, K. Michael Russel

by Olly MacNamee


Hack/Slash was a series that threw together teen superheroes and teen monsters, known as Slashers, and set in all in New Jersey with the main story focused on Cassie Hack and her sidekick, Vlad. A horror/superhero mash-up with shades of HP Lovecraft thrown in for good measure and published originally by Devil’s Due, before their financial woes meant bills – and creators, allegedly – weren’t paid.
Image Comics has been its home ever since and it’s where Seeley launches this new series after a few years away and in Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary year. Tini Howard is the series’ new writer and she’s joined by artists Celor and K. Michael Russel. 

Hack/Slash is the book people always ask me about. I’ve been waiting for the proper time to bring it back, but I wanted to make sure I had the perfect creators first. Now that I have them, it’s time to unleash Cassie Hack on the world again.

In Hack/Slash Resurrection, Cassie’s been living off the grid, but when a new monstrous threat arises to torment promiscuous teens, it’s time for Cassie to pick up the baseball bat once again!
Gory, sexy, twisted, and funny… Hack is back!

Hack/Slash Resurrection #1 Cover A by Seeley (Diamond Code AUG170557), HACK/SLASH: RESURRECTION #1 Cover B by Stefano Caselli (Diamond Code AUG170558) will hit stores on Wednesday, October 25th. The final order cutoff for comics retailers is Monday, October 2nd.

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