SDCC ’17: ‘Can Your Taste Buds Survive The Frozen Cone?’ Knights Of The Frozen Throne Update

by Christine Marie Attardo

Mid-August is quickly approaching and now that the Hearthstone team at Blizzard has finished the Mid-Summer Fire Festival, it’s time to turn to ice. This week brings the start of The Frost Festival! Basically, you can play some arena runs and win packs for the new expansion!

In preparation for Knights of the Frozen Throne, you can certainly save up your gold for more packs. For Journey to Un’Goro I passed on the pre-order deal and regret it because I ended up buying several packs anyway. This time, I’m definitely not missing out.
For $49.99 you can get $50 packs of the new expansion. $1 a pack is pretty good. Normally, the more you buy, the more money you save, but this beats Blizzard’s even at their best value (40 packs for $49.99).
Trust me, if you play a lot, it’s worth it. Now, if you’re at SDCC over the next few days, you might want to stop by The Lich King’s Ice Cream Citadel at the Petco Park Interactive Zone!

It won’t be long now until we can officially dive into this new adventure…
Christine Marie Attardo is a 28 year old writer, poet, and all around creative human. She loves all things nerdy and Gail Simone related. When she’s not writing, you can find her nose in a book or her face glued to her computer screen playing video games. Chat with her on Twitter @AWritersWay. 

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