SDCC ’17: The Return Of Young Justice Brings 26 Episodes And New Character Designs

by Hannah Means Shannon

Gary Catig writes:
The revered animated show Young Justice has been revived after five years.
Due to a combination of social media response that involved numerous tweets and Facebook posts to spread the word of the initial Cartoon Network run and the outstanding number of views on Netflix, the powers at be decided to give it a second chance.
Friday morning at SDCC, the show had a panel of its own to reminisce and recap the first two seasons, provide never before seen artwork from the initial network pitch, and offer a sneak peek into the all new third season entitled Young Justice: Outsiders.  In attendance were show runners Greg Weisman and Brendan Vietti along with art director Phil Bourassa.  Some of the previous artwork shown included Bourassa’s early character development pictures.
These images served as a good transition into some of the characters we can expect to see in season 3.  The first image showed a potentially new Robin, Arsenal, Blue Beetle, a new Flash, Static, Wonder Girl, and Beast Boy.

In another image, the audience is shown Arrowette, a brand-new character named Thirteen, and Spoiler. 

The final teaser image depicts more older versions of the season one characters. 

Other season three notes:

  • The show will premiere sometime in 2018 on DC’s new digital service.
  • Since it will be shown on a different medium, the creative team has more wiggle room to explore adult themes to show the characters maturing and growing up.
  • The season will consist of 26 episodes. At this point 12 scripts have been completed, ten of which have been recorded in some manner and an additional 10 scripts are being written currently.
  • Both Weisman and Vietti have planned out storylines up to the fifth season.

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