SDCC ’17: Wynonna Earp Returns In 2018 For A Third Season

by Erik Amaya

As announced at Comic-Con International: San Diego Saturday, Syfy’s Wynonna Earp will return for a third season 2018.
“Thanks you so much, Earpers,” said executive producer Emily Andras. “Dolls will probably be in it. Doc. All the things you love are going to be in it times 100.”
“Thank you so much for sticking with us,” she said.
In its second season, the show took on one of its greatest challenges so far: the pregnancy of star Melanie Scrofano. Andras said that as a mother of children while working in the industry, she understood Scrofano’s nervousness in letting her know. But since the show is a “totally feminist badass show”, they incorporated the pregnancy into the season’s storyline. Despite having a number of scripts finalized when Scrofano told her the news, Andras quickly shifted the entire focus of the season. She compared it being given the “wheel of the Titanic,” but in a good way.
Scrofano felt “so scared to disappoint” Andras by the timing of her pregnancy, but Andras and the rest of the cast feel like it’s been a “gift.” In fact, their praise of the actor quickly led Scrofano to tears.
Dominique Provost-Chalkley, who plays Wynonna sister Waverly, called the scene where they discovered Wynonna was pregnant her favorite moment of the year. She added that it was “humbling” to be in the presence of the mother and developing child during the scene. “She was making a human. It was the most bizarre thing to wrap your head around,” she said. She never felt more present in an scene than that moment.
“Working with her this year was such an honor,” said Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holiday. “I know this year was hard for [her], but selfishly, this was the best experience for me. I’m just so Team Scrofano.”
Provost-Chalkley recalled Rozon’s text response when he learned about Scorfano’s pregnancy: “I’m excited and I’m ready.” Almost a perfect echo of Doc’s “I am all in” response.
Though the shift in storyline was a challenge at the writing level, Andras thanked her staff and the executive sat Syfy for supporting the decision to incorporate the pregnancy. “That’s how we do 2017 on Wynonna Earp,” she said, to applause.
With a number of episodes yet to air in second season, the cast teased a number of favorite moments of the season and some yet to air. Newcomer Varun Saranga said his favorite moment was his first day on the job, when he got hit on the head by Provost-Chalkley and was “clearly not attracted to Waverley.” He added, “I was terrified and she really helped me through it.”
Katherine Barrell, who plays fan favorite officer Nicole Haught, immediately said it was the scene in which Sheriff Nedley told her being a good cop matters. “Greg Lawson is such a wonderful guy who doesn’t get to come to Comic-Con, but he’s such a huge part of the show,” she said.
Andras said her favorite moment is coming up in the finale, but could say nothing other than it is a moment between Wynonna and Waverly. Tamara Duarte, another season two addition said she knew exactly the moment Andras was referring to adding that she would tweet it out to the fans when the episode airs.
Scrofano teased a moment “with Dom and another cast member” as one of her favorite moments, adding, “and there’s this one with this guy.”
During the fan Q&A, a member of the audience asked if a musical episode might come up in Season 3 since many of the cast can sing. Rozon said he’d like Doc to be an Elvis impersonator and started crooning. “Now everyone else is pregnant!” quipped Andras. Johnny Cash songs were high on the list, too.
The excitement over the renewal was palpable. And it led one fan to ask Andras if the third year will feature any flashback episodes, Andras cheerfully said “Next Friday! Episode 208!” The show, even with its future assured, still has surprises in store in season two.
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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