SDCC ’17: A Tour Of ThinkGeek’s Tikki Mugs And Her Universe Star Wars Clothes Line

by Hannah Means Shannon visited ThinkGeek on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con at booth #3349, and took a tour of some of their recent merchandise including their Star Trek line of Tikki Mugs and a line in partnership with Her Universe of Star Wars themed business casual clothing for women.
Their Funko Pop! exclusives were already sold out at 11:30 after the show’s opening at 9:30, but they’ll have more each day of the show.

ThinkGeek’s booth was very much in demand, with plenty of fans rolling up to purchase their geek-appealing merchandise. A big feature was their new Star Trek Tikki Mug line, which is a wide range of colors, and all very high-quality ranging from Mr. Spock and Mr. Kirk to the Gorn.
Even the interior of the Tikki Mug line was high-quality and ready for your tropical cocktail to be delivered. Tikki Bars are springing up all over the country in a new wave of enthusiasm for the style and the lifestyle of Tikki times.
But the big main attraction at the ThinkGeek booth with it’s full display, was the Star Wars line of women’s clothing.

First up, we have a fabulous jacket and sheer shirt ensemble:

And also a repeating pattern Rebel Alliance infinity scarf:
Then there’s a sheer blouse, loose enough to wear with a camisole in Summer:
Don’t forget the sleeveless repeating pattern, red-accented sleeveless sheer top:
Paired with “super soft” Darth Vader leggings. They are indeed super-soft based on a touch-test.
Circling back to that sheer blouse with star ships from Star Wars, ThinkGeek and I discussed the fact that men in the workplace have been able to access repeating pattern clothing for some years now in terms of ties, shirts, and jackets, but this is a new breakthrough for women looking for workplace-appropriate clothing:
But looking closer, you’ll also find those deeply satisfying details in the rollable sleeve in this blazer:
Back to the scarf:
On top of the clothing on display, all currently for sale, ThinkGeek are doing a special giveaway of this actual R2D2 replica if you visit their booth and participate, courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles:
But the last great detail was the carpet at the ThinkGeek booth with a sunset view of Tatooine.
For more information about all of these items, visit ThinkGeek at San Diego Comic-Con at booth #3349, or visit their website right here.
Also of note is the fact that if you order any of these Star Wars clothing items from the ThinkGeek booth at the show, you will receive free shipping on those items!
Thanks for the tour ThinkGeek!

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