Tom Felton Walks Away From The Flash; Other Season Four Casting Updates

by Erik Amaya


According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Tom Felton will not return as a series regular in the fourth season of The Flash. He is also not currently scheduled to make any guest appearances.
The Harry Potter veteran joined the series in its third season as Dr. Julian Albert. Barry’s “new” lab partner who seemed to appear out of nowhere following the events of Flashpoint. He turned out to be in the thrall of Savitar, but survived to become a member of Team Flash and Caitlin Snow’s almost boyfriend.
Which should’ve been a clue as her boyfriends do not last long on The CW series.
Though a welcome addition to the team, Julian will have moved away during the six months between the conclusion of Season Three and the beginning Season Four. Meanwhile, the Comic-Con trailer for the upcoming season suggests Caitlin will resume her role in the team.

In recent days, additions to the cast for its fourth year have firmed up with The 100‘s Neil Sandilands assuming the role of season arc villain Clifford Devoe. Dominion‘s Kim Engelbrecht will support Devoe as The Mechanic. And earlier today, Danny Trejo was announced as Breacher, Gypsy’s dimension-hopping father.
Though it is sad to see Felton go, these additions are certainly exciting. And as EW pointed out, he may turn up in future episodes like former series regular Rick Cosnett. Well, maybe not just like him. Julian is still alive and doesn’t need to come back as a Speed Force ghost. I wonder what Earth-2 Julian is like?
The Flash returns October 10th on The CW.

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