You Too Can Experience The Life Of Hobos Running From The Devil And The FBI This October

by Hannah Means Shannon

One of the comics that has reviewed most consistently and enthusiastically is the hobo-driven epic Rock Candy Mountain by Kyle Starks (Sexcastle, Rick and Morty) and Chris Schweizer, and Image have announced that the first trade paperback collection will arrive this September. This is really your chance to experience a hilarious, action-driven, and intriguing world experienced on the road and the rails.

Hobo Jackson, and his newbie sidekick Pomona Slim are on his quest to find the mythical hobo heaven. But they have to avoid both the actual Devil and the FBI, hot on their trail. Add the “Hobo Mafia” to that list.
Described as “a fantastical fisticuff frolic through post-World War II America via the rails and backroads”, which is no exaggeration, the story will also take you “through underground fight clubs, prison, and the hobo jungles wrought with dangers, hobo fights, jokes, and locomotive excitement”. True story.
Rock Candy Mountain Vol. 1 (Diamond code: JUL170755, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0317-1) arrives in comic book stores Wednesday, September 27th and bookstores Tuesday, October 3rd. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, August 7th.

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