A Digital Future With Mythological Gods – God Complex From Image In October

by Hannah Means Shannon

Listed in the new edition of Previews and slated for October 2017 is new Image Comics series God Complex.

Written by Paul Jenkins (Inhumans, Wolverine: Origin) and Bryan Lie, with art by Hendry Prasetya (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), the story is both future-set and packed with tropes you’ll recognize from your favorite procedurals. And then there’s a lot of religion and mythology thrown in, which you might guess from the title.
In the futuristic city of Delphi, a young “digital-forensics investigator” named Seneca finds himself in the midst of in the “bizarre murders” of three church acolytes. Guided by his mentor, a Ruler named Hermes, Seneca uncovers a “stunning conspiracy” that overturns his world.
Image describes God Complex as a “unique vision of a digital future powered by mythological gods”.
Look out for the first issue on October 11th, 2017. You can pre-order it with Diamond Code: AUG170549.

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