A Tour Of Gary Gianni’s Art From Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea At SDCC ’17

by Hannah Means Shannon

Catching up with a great master of illustration and comic art at Comic-Con is kind of the fan’s dream in going to the show. We know that SDCC attracts a great deal of talent, and it’s an opportunity to meet people in real life whose work you might cherish on the printed page or who you might have only spoken to over the phone, or by e-mail, if you are in my shoes.

I had previously interviewed the great Gary Gianni, master of pen and ink style, for Comicon.com concerning his work on the latest Hellboy OGN: Into the Silent Sea.

Finding his booth and coming along to say hello in person paid off in a bigger way than I could have expected: Gianni actually had the entire original art collection for Into the Silent Sea at his table. The entire hand-drawn collection.

When passing fans asked how much the pages were, he said they would only be sold as a set, and that it would be quite pricey. It’s a relief to hear those pages won’t be broken up!
Here’s a look at some of those pages of original art:

[The finished page pictured above, now with Dave Stewart’s colors, for comparison]

To find out more about Gary Gianni’s life and work, you can visit his website right here.

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