Connor Willumsen, Patrick Kyle, And Noel Freibert Will Tour With Koyama Press In September

by Hannah Means Shannon

Koyama Press have announced that Connor Willumsen, Patrick Kyle and Noel Freibert are going on a six-city tour in September 2017. All three artists are set to release new books with Koyama that are the “avant-garde of the alternative comics scene”.

Connor Willumsen’s Anti-Gone, is “a quixotic and trippy trip through a dreamscape, or altered state, where animals can talk and be pets, where drugs can give you deep emotional reactions to any stimuli, can make you remember or forget, or replicate a near death experience”.

Patrick Kyle returns with his third book from Koyama, Everywhere Disappeared, which “finds familiar icons like Dracula and Archie are put through the prismatic mind of Kyle”.

Noel Freibert conceives of images that “linger”, and “their deceptive simplicity, like all outsider art, seems to tap directly into the collective unconscious, drawing on pop culture and fine art, low and high brow”.  Old Ground is where “the denizens of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse would bury bodies”, Koyama warns.

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