A Second Deadpool 2 Domino Photo Emerges

by Erik Amaya

Domino’s luck continues as a second photo of Zazie Beetz in costume emerges.
Earlier this morning, Ryan Reynolds continued his Deadpool 2 marketing assault — not that he ever really stopped — with the first photo of Zazie Beetz as Domino. It poked cheeky fun at one of Reynold’s early costume reveals from the first Deadpool. Now a second photo of Domino has been revealed thanks to the DiscussingFilm Twitter account. How they came by it is anyone’s guess. (But it was probably Deadpool’s doing.)

I have to be honest, I missed the Deadpool media assault for the few months it went inactive. It was fun to treat Deadpool as his own man separate from Reynolds. Who can forget the Twelve Days of Deadpool campaign? The whole lead up to the film’s release was consistently inventive and even raised awareness for certain types of cancer prevention. But will lightning strike again? Can Reynolds and the marketing team keep creating new ways to impress our jaded souls with info and gags until Deadpool 2‘s release?
Yeah, probably. I mean, they embraced Deadpool’s style and that hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. How many monthly comics is he in these days?
Oh, also, Beetz looks cool as Domino. I’m not sure if its intentional, but she appears to have a David Bowie style anisocoria thing going on, which is a great detail. Then again, could just be the lighting in the close up photo.
Either way, actual Deadpool 2 footage can’t come soon enough. Neither can the actual film, which is scheduled for sometime next year.
(h/t Heroic Hollywood)

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