Wonder Woman Joins The Warner Bros. Studio Tour

by Erik Amaya

Visitors to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour can now get a close up look at the world of Wonder Woman. The costumes and props from Warner Bros’ hit film joined the ranks of the tour as part of DC Universe: The Exhibit and Comicon enjoyed a preview inside exhibit.

The exhibit houses a collection of authentic props and costumes worn by Gal Gadot as Diana, including her Lasso of Hestia, armor, tiara, and sword. Props and costumes worn and utilized by Chris Pine, Danny Huston, Elena Anaya, Said Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremner, and Eugene Brave Rock are also on display. They all look great with many of the costumes set against recreations of some of the key sets. Me being me, I immediately gravitated to the rad suit and coat warn by David Thewlis’ Sir Patrick.

As a California lad, I never get to wear anything this rad or warm. Meanwhile, just about everything Diana wears is on display, from her Themyscira outfit to the evening gown — minus the sword of course — to her main superhero attire.

Diana’s Howling Commandos — at least, I’m calling them that until someone gives them an official name — also make their presence known with a few key costumes and one key prop.

Oh, and another member of the Justice League stopped by with a small gift for Diana.

Admittedly, the light directly over the glass plate made getting a good shot of the 1919 photo a wee bit difficult. Nonetheless, the exhibit proved to contain little surprises like this, Dr. Maru’s journal, and a pillbox filled with Ludendorff’s performance enhancement drug. The exhibit impressed cast members as well. “I’ve been doing this job for twenty-four years and I still find the world of film and telly fascinating,” said Lucy Davis, who plays Etta Candy in the film. “Here you get to step into the world. I walked in and geeked out.”

DC Universe: The Exhibit is open now as part of the Warner Bros. Studios Tour.

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