London Film and Comic Con: The Cosplay Gallery

by Olly MacNamee


This was a first for me, tending to stay in the area of Britain we refer to as The Midlands (Birmingham and the surrounding areas), but The London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) was immense. Ahead of the show there had been some trepidation as regards the Comics Zone which up until a few months ago was rudderless. Rudderless, that is, until comic book pro, Tony Lee, stepped in and lent a much needed hand. Well, its now a weekday morning here in the good old UK and staring into the abyss that is Facebook, there has been nothing but high praise from one and all for the great job Team Tony did this weekend, from all quarters. I’d definitely go again.
And, other than two reports of some undesirable craziness the weekend passed pleasantly and was throughly enjoyable. It was nice to bump into creators such as Leah Moore and John Reppion, Ian Richardson, Mike CollinsIan Edginton, Kieron Gillen and the guys over at White Noise, and Marv Wolfman and so many others too.
Anyway, you haven’t come here to read my thoughts, you’re here for the cosplay shots. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful work that goes into each and every costume. These are but a taster of what there was on show over the three day event. And, you’ll be hearing more from LFCC over the next few days. It’s not all about SDCC y’know. We do a pretty good job over here too.


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