Star Power Is the Sci-Fi Comic We Need

by James Ferguson

Star Power, the webcomic by writer Michael Terracciano and artist Garth Graham, has captured my imagination through three impressive graphic novels.  The series follows Danica Maris, a young astronomer on Space Station Sanctuary Six who is chosen to wield the Star Power (think a cross between Green Lanterns and Nova Corps).  She is the last of the Star Powered Sentinels, thrown into an ages-long war between good and evil in the cosmos.

As full disclosure, I’ve actually never read the webcomic.  I was exposed to Star Power through recent Kickstarter campaigns collecting the series. There have been three altogether, forming a nice sci-fi trilogy full of adventure and tons of lore. The creators have filled in the vast history of all the alien races involved, the Star Power itself, and so much more. There’s clearly a lot of thought behind the comic.
This would have been an interesting and enjoyable ride on its own. The main character, Danica adds so much heart to the series.  She serves as our conduit, looking at the universe with possibility and positivity. Danica sees what can be done, not what can’t. It’s a refreshing way to see things, especially with the doom and gloom that tends to permeate through present day comics.

Through the three graphic novels, The Ninth Wormhole, The Search for Black Hole Bill, and The Mystery of the Zel Gux Dynasty, Danica begins to learn how to use her newfound powers, coming into her own as a hero.  She grows and matures over time both in her personal and professional life, never losing that wide-eyed optimism that makes you fall in love with her in the first place.
Graham’s artwork works perfectly with this mentality. When Danica is in her human form, she is calm and humble.  This contrasts nicely with the confident power that comes through as a Star Powered Sentinel.  Danica’s self is not lost within the silver-clad persona. Her personality still shines through.

The alien races are varied and impressive.  They come in all shapes and sizes, with no two species looking the same.  Space Station Sanctuary Six is like Babylon 5 or the USS Enterprise in that it’s a base for a number of different types of aliens, all living and working together.  There’s a healthy mix of terrifying creatures and humanoid beings.
Star Power has the makings of the next great science-fiction epic. Reading it, I was reminded of why I love the genre in the first place. Danica is just like us, infatuated by the idea of space adventure and captivated by the prospect of soaring through the stars. This is highly recommended for fans of Green Lantern, Star Wars, and Star Trek as it’s basically a mixture of all three.

The Star Power webcomic is still going strong and you can start reading from the beginning in its archives.  Hard copies of the collections can be purchased online and you can help keep the comic going by contributing to the Patreon.

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