Creating In A Four Color World: From Idea To Script To Panel

by Hannah Means Shannon


By Anthony Zicari

Hello and welcome! I’m glad to have you on board here at the start of something new and special. This is the first installment of my twice monthly column.

I figured before jumping right in and throwing everything at you, including the proverbial kitchen sink, right off the bat, especially with San Diego Comic Con International just wrapping up recently, the best way to begin would be by taking a moment to introduce myself and give you all a little background on what the column will be about. So, let’s hit the ground running.

To begin with, first and foremost this column will deal specifically with, you guessed, it comic books. Everything about and within the industry is fair game and will be covered from the major companies/players to the smaller press and independents, from the history of comic books, to what goes into the creation of a comic book, and everything in between.

Specifically though, I’ll be concentrating on my perspectives as a freelance comic book professional. I’ve been working professionally in the industry in some form or another for nineteen years and counting. I began my professional writing career in 1998. I’ve written, edited, created and acted as project manager for a wide number of companies, comic books, magazines, newspapers, online web sites and other publications. Some of those include but are not limited to Dark Horse Comics, Jackson Galaxy Foundation, Antarctic Press, Dabel Brothers Publishing, Narwain Publishing, and Inkwerk Studios to name a few. I’m also the Editor In Chief of Inkwerk Studios (

Something relatively new that I am especially proud of is the fact that I’ve been nominated as one of three finalists for the Spacie Award for Best Indie Comic Book Writer 2017. In addition to my regular writing/editing work load, I continue to work on many personal creator owned projects, as well as having branched out into writing for film, TV and animation. Some films, web series and companies that I’ve worked on/for include, Green Leaf Pictures (, and NYC Pet Tails ( amongst others.

I feel all of this experience as well as my interest in comic books which started way back when I was four years old, has converged and shaped my perspective on comic books and the industry. Now, that’s not to say that I’m not learning new things each and every day, because I am. You have to continually push yourself throughout your lifetime; each day is an opportunity for a new learning experience.

In addition, from time to time ,other aspects of pop culture will be covered as well. I’ll be discussing movies and television shows directly related to the comic book industry, toys, and even anime and manga. The sky is truly the limit. I can promise you that there will be something for everyone. This column will always be changing and evolving. I want it to be organic. Think of it as a virtual comic book buffet, complete with a pop culture smorgasbord.

Now, I can’t promise that we will always agree and see eye to eye on everything. But that’s what makes this column unique and different. It’s just as much yours as it is mine, and I want you (the readers) to be involved. If there’s something you’re interested in or would like to learn more about, then ask and I’ll do my best to write about it. And if need be I’ll even seek out and secure the answers for you. If there is something you agree/disagree with then please speak up, and let me know. Don’t be afraid; let your collective voices be heard!

One main thing that I’ve learned throughout my years about the comic book industry that I know is true is that at its core it is a community, a family!

No matter what your thoughts or views, there is one thing that we all share that cannot be disputed, and that is a love for a truly original and pure art form. Comic books are awe-inspiring escapism in all their beautiful four color glory. In an instant you can be transported to the future aboard a space ship, travel back in time to the old west, or don a cape and cowl and save the city, and so much more. If you’re reading this then you know exactly what I mean.

I hope that all of you are as excited about this endeavor as I am. The comic book industry contains a rich and varied tapestry of a history, one that I plan on unraveling piece by piece each month. We will travel together, from the past, to the present and into the future. My goal is to share my knowledge and opinions with all of you, and interact with others who are as inspired as I am by the comic book industry.

Everyone’s invited. So, come on in, look around and take a seat, join us. Welcome to the future. Just be sure to buckle up, you’re in for one wild ride. The wonderful and diverse world of the comic book industry awaits us ahead. Are you ready? Then go ahead and turn the page; limitless adventures are waiting for you and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Once again, welcome to Creating a Four Color World: From Idea to Script to Panel.

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