GLOW’s Sydelle Noel Joins Arrow For Season Six

by Erik Amaya


Oliver Queen’s secrets may be revealed by GLOW‘s Sydelle Noel.
Variety reports the actor will appear in a recurring role during the sixth season of The CW’s Arrow. She will play FBI agent Samanda Watson, tasked with connecting the dots between Oliver Queen and the Star City vigilante known as the Green Arrow. The character is described as “intelligent and poised with a no nonsense attitude.” She will also bring a dogged relentlessness to her assignment.
Which, if Arrow history is anything to go by, she’ll be dead or on Team Arrow by episode thirteen.
Noel was one of the great surprises on Netflix’s GLOW, but then again, almost everyone on GLOW was a surprise. On that show, she played the no-nonsense stunt performer Cherry Bang. Her storyline featured a cliffhanger in which she was offered a lead role on a television series. Presumably it will be resolved with GLOW returns.
Meanwhile, Arrow will pick up some time after the destruction of Lian Yu with Ollie and any survivors coming to grips with being Team Arrow now that so many long-standing conflicts have ended. Others, though, may have their own ghosts to deal with after Lian Yu. Katie Cassidy returns to series regular status as the villainous Black Siren while Juliana Harkavy takes on the mantle of Black Canary. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim also revealed the staff is already planning season seven and eyeing an eventual series finale. “We could work toward the moment that we always knew about since Day 1,” he said, according to IGN. “I always say when you get into any season, especially at this point, the ratings and the feedback and the network — my instinct is we’ll get sense halfway through the season how many more seasons we think we might get. We have a lot of ideas that can expand or contract depending.”
Arrow returns on October 12th.

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