Crows Remember You – The Think Tank: Animal Finale Out This Week

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week the final issue of Think Tank: Animal arrives to bring a conclusion to the especially tense story arc where animals have become operative pawns in terrorist activities and power-brokering, always with that tinge of realism that makes you wonder how much of this could be around the corner for real-world crises.
Written by Matt Hawkins, with art by Rahsan Ekedal, “Animal” has built powerfully on previous arcs of the series and introduced plenty of new and disturbing ideas to comics.

Think Tank: Animal #4 asks: “Will WWIII start over the Russian-Estonian invasion? The incumbent president is caught in a scandal, and it looks like a religious ideologue will win the White House. How does Turkey play into the future of NATO’s plans? This could be the most prescient and frightening issue of THINK TANK so far!”
Here’s our teaser preview of what’s coming up for Think Tank: Animal in the explosive final issue of this tale arriving Wednesday, August 9th, 2017:

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