Milla Jovovich Takes Villainous Title Role In Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen

by Erik Amaya


The Fifth Element star is now Hellboy’s Blood Queen.
Deadline reports that Milla Jovovich has been cast in Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen as the titular villain. The Hellboy reboot sees David Harbour inhabiting the shaved horns of Hellboy and learning to fight with his Right Hand of Doom. Ian McShane will also appear as Hellboy’s adoptive father and mentor, Trever Bruttenholm. The project will be directed by The Descent‘s Neil Marshall from a script by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.
Although Mignola himself may not contribute much more to the project. As he recently told The Verge, “I’m a weird kind of co-executive producer. I’m not actually sure what my title is, but unlike the del Toro movies, where I was active in pre-production and design, I’m not doing that this time around.” He added that he helped steer the story and will receive screen credit thanks to drafting the screenplay with Golden.
“I really just get questions about how things work,” he added. “And while I’m not doing a lot, I’ve been talking with the creature-design guy and the makeup guy to get the look of Hellboy and his hand, and things like that.”
He also hopes the finished film will hint as his larger BPRD world, which has grown exponentially since Guillermo del Toro began work on the first Hellboy film. Sadly, Rise of the Blood Queen represents the end of any hope del Toro will ever resolve the cliffhanger of his Hellboy film series.
One person who will not contribute to the film in anyway is former Hellboy Ron Perlman, who told a fan over Twitter that he will cameo in a Hellboy film “when Hellboy freezes over.” Which is a reasonable response considering the circumstances.
Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen arrives in theaters something in 2018

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