Void Trip – Preview A Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip From Ryan O’Sullivan And Plaid Klaus

by Olly MacNamee


Void Trip, a new post-apocalyptic road-trip series from writer Ryan O’Sullivan and illustrator Klaus Plaid (collaborators on the webcomic Turncoat) is coming this November from Image Comics.

It’s described in the following way:

Ana and Gabe are the last two humans left alive in the galaxy. They’re low on fuel, they’re low on food, and they’re low on psychedelic space froot, but they’re high on hope and determined to make it to their promised land: the super-planet Euphoria, a true hippy paradise. This is a road trip like no other. Come along for the ride and meet the friends and enemies they make along the way, and see how the universe responds to those who dare to live freely within it.

And here are the first few pages of the debut issue, hitting comic book stores on November 22nd. To be honest, they had me at ‘Post-apocalyptic’.

The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, October 30th.

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