Madefire Team Up With DC Comics To Give You More Digital Content Than You Can Shake A Stick At

by Olly MacNamee

What a week to announce your new partnership with DC Comics, as the latter launch their blockbuster title Metal. Madefire, the motion book app set up by Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and a whole host of others is getting into bed with DC Comics to offer you their whole digital back catalogue. Oh, and this week’s issue of Metal #1 too. That’s over 80,000 comics and motion books by 2018. A staggering amount, I’m sure you’ll agree.
And, unlike other apps that tend to be limited to just the one or two platforms, Madefire works across many, many platforms. Imagine, reading your comics not just on hand held devices but via the TV too. That’s some reach.
Oh, and don’t forget that while DC are the newest partners to this industry-innovating company, they already have offerings form Boom!, Valiant, Dynamite and more.
Thousands of titles featuring the world’s greatest Super Heroes from DC’s beloved back catalogue will soon be available on the Madefire App, along with DC’s highly-anticipated new releases starting with today’s DARK NIGHTS: METAL #1. With these expansive additions, the Madefire platform is a one-stop destination for DC fans everywhere!
Madefire CEO and Motion Book creator, Ben Wolstenholme says:

DC is a world leader in comic book entertainment and we’re incredibly excited to bring their legendary catalogue of titles to our platform. Providing a single digital destination for the entire DC experience is one thing, but we believe our five-star rated, multi-award winning platform will deliver a digital experience that does justice to the DC brand. Madefire is renowned for putting the reader first, never drawing our customers away from their content and providing a notably superior experience to other digital services.

With a strong commitment to user choice, any purchase made on an individual Madefire account is available to view at no extra cost through Madefire’s cross-platform technology, available on iOS, Android™, Windows, as well as Apple® TV and Android® TV.

Thant means you can now go get your digital comics from another source other than reputedly tax-dodging Amazon-owned ComiXology. So, you know, you’ll be supporting a more ethical company almost immediately.
All that’s left for me to say is, congrats, Madefire! I’ll raise a glass to that.

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