Game Of Thrones Spinoff May Feature Recognizable Past Event; Actor Preps For Final Season

by Erik Amaya

Macall B. Polay/HBO
While the nature of the four Game of Thrones spinoff proposals are still unknown, the one spearheaded by Kick-Ass screenwriter Jane Goldman may center on a familiar piece of lore.
Goldman told IGN that “as a book reader or as someone who watched the series, you would say, ‘Oh, that! OK'” in reference to her proposal’s subject matter. “Yeah, it would be recognizable as a past event,” she continued. “But I think that’s probably as far as I can go.” As previously reported, HBO commissioned four spinoff proposals from Goldman, Kong: Skull Island‘s Max Borenstein, Legend‘s Brian Helgeland and The Leftovers‘ Carly Wray. All are still in the very early stages of development, but are said to each take place some time before Game of Thrones.
As someone who loves the history of Westeros and the Free Cities as much as the main plot, Goldman’s reference to earlier events is definitely intriguing. One I hope someone covers some day is the Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of Dragons. But I forget if that story has been referenced in any great detail on the show. Shireen may have told Davos about it when the Baratheon forces still occupied Dragonstone. Goldman’s suggestion that the event will be recognizable to viewers leaves me thinking that her proposal may dramatize the Doom of Valyria. A cataclysm of might and magic so fierce that the very land around Old Valyria is still cursed in the current show’s time. Jorah and Tyrion sailed near the freehold and were attacked by the Stonemen responsible for Jorah’s greyscale.
But as HBO president of programming Casey Bloys mentioned earlier this summer, no Game of Thrones spinoff will air until the current series ends. And it seems that moment will be soon at hand. According to Collider, the final season will being production in October. Their source is none other than Jamie Lannister himself, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who told the site, “I don’t know what’s going to happen next season. We go back in October, so maybe in the next few weeks, we’ll get the scripts and I’ll find out.” Still, don’t expect to know the fate of your favorite Wolves or Dragons by the winter of 2018. The final season is reportedly set to feature episodes as long as ninety minutes. If true, production and post-production could take a considerable amount of time. But to paraphrase the words of House Stark, the final season is coming.
And after that, maybe we’ll learn more about the Doom of Valyria.

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