Frank Castle Dons His Costume In Punisher Photo

by Erik Amaya

Netflix has released a photo of Punisher star Jon Bernthal in its version of Frank’s iconic costume.

The skull application to body armor seems to be the best way to go. Frank’s classic union suit look from the comics would appear strange in the world Marvel and Netflix have created. Also, the tactical turtleneck is a nice touch.
Bernthal returns as Frank Castle, a man broken by the death of his family and fueled by the need to seek out crime and, well, punish it. Usually with the most extreme methods possible. Deborah Ann Woll will join him on the series as Karen Page, the Daily Bulletin reporter and, possibly, the only person Frank will listen to. Ben Barnes will take the role of classic Punisher nemesis Jigsaw, last played to comic heights by Dominic West in Punisher: War Zone. Bernthal has said the show will have more of a military component and that “[the] Frank Castle that was in Daredevil is not in Punisher.”
The Punisher comes to Netflix later this year.

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