Channing Tatum Says Gambit Delays Will Allow Him To Do What He “Always Wanted To Do”

by Erik Amaya


Much like Remy LeBeau himself, 20th Century Fox’ Gambit film has a convoluted history of false starts, misunderstandings and the loss of two directors. But as star Channing Tatum tells HeyUGuys, the delays were for the best.
“Now we’re really getting to do some of the things we’ve always wanted to do with the script.” he told the site. “We’ve just sort of started over.”
The production nearly started in the fall of 2015. But just as cameras were set to roll, the crew was dismissed and director Rupert Wyatt announced his decision to leave the project. At the time, he cited scheduling difficulties, but it seemed the core problem was a difference of vision between him and the studio. As The Hollywood Reporter noted shortly after his departure, he had a habit of losing interest and leaving high profile projects.
Live. Die. Repeat‘s Doug Liman stepped into the director’s role after Wyatt, but was gone by August of 2016. Liman would eventually admit he had a problem with the script and could not get the studio to agree with his notes.
Since that time, the project has been without a director. Tatum and executive producer Simon Kinberg continue to wave its banner and hope to find the right talent to spearhead the film. And, it seems, back up the things they want to do with the character; which will hopefully please Remy’s remaining fans. While earmarking so many studio resources to a character who’s greatest popularity peaked twenty years ago, many are still hopeful to see a production as creatively successful as Logan or Deadpool. Tatum himself is among that group.
But there is only so much refinement Tatum and Kinberg can supervise without a director who will no doubt want to make alterations of his own. That eventual director will also take on the weight of the production’s history. Which, I think, should come with some sort of hazard bonus when they work out the contract.

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