It’s A Big All-Star Team Up For Skybound Horror Series Evolution

by Hannah Means Shannon

Image Comics and Skybound have announced a unique approach to the horror genre in upcoming title Evolution.
The series will unite stellar writers James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, and Joshua Williamson with powerhouse artists Joe Infurnari and Jordan Boyd to create a new experience in horror, debuting in November 2017 with an oversized first issue.
Keatinge explains:

Society now moves at an exponentially rapid pace. Our technology processes information faster than our biology is capable of handling. Evolution explores what happens when this goes awry when humanity is left behind by its progress, venturing into unexpected, horrifying directions.

Asmus adds:

If reading this book is anything like writing it, it’ll be a disturbing, thought-provoking, and cathartic ride through some very real anxieties about shifting society, what lurks inside us, and realizing just how few guard rails there are keeping us safe. But with enough twists, body horror, and murder that keep it fun!

The book explores the idea that human evolution has taken millions of years to get to modern day, but in Evolution, “next week, we become something new”. In the new series, humanity starts to undergo rapid change around the world, but only three people seem to notice what is going on. What on earth can they do to influence this phenomenon?
Sebela weighs in thus:

Horror is a slippery and weird genre. Not everything scares everyone else the same way. But I know what I want out of mine: long tendrils of dread, a fog of doom, deep conspiracies, monsters—especially the human variety—and loss. Evolution’s horror focuses on that sense of loss, one that can be as deadly as a psycho in a mask. Loss of control over our world, our lives and even our bodies, it’s everything we’re always facing but in a much bloodier package.

The first issue of Evolution (Diamond Code SEP170638) will be available in stores on Wednesday, November 15th. The final order cutoff from retailers is Monday, October 23rd, 2017.

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