Jared Leto Plots A Replicant Revolution In Blade Runner 2049 TV Spot

by Erik Amaya

In a Blade Runner 2049 international television ad that plays more like a trailer, Jared Leto plots his Replicant revolution. And, as tends to happen in the world of Blade Runner, only Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) can stop him. Well, with some help from Ryan Gosling.

Blade Runner is the most fascinating film I don’t actually enjoy. As with much of Ridley Scott’s work, I find the storytelling to be poor even as the craftsmanship is exceptional. In the case of the original film, it led to Scott releasing five variations of it as he attempted to alter the narrative and prove Deckard was a Replicant himself the whole time. A fan theory which certainly finds evidence in the theatrical cut of the film, but was not the original intention according to the mountain of notes, scripts and other materials surviving from the production.
But the sequel, directed by Denis Villeneuve, has the chance to play with that contested plot point. Maybe Gosling is a Replicant and Deckard the human or by 2049 the distinction is just academic. In a world of ecological chaos and constant acid rain, becoming more human than human would be advantageous for all. Maybe revealing that is Leto’s ultimate aim.
Blade Runner 2049 arrives in the US on October 6th.

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