Marvel Locks Down An Exclusive Deal With Ed Brisson As Legacy Approaches

by Hannah Means Shannon

With Legacy looming and plenty of new takes on Marvel books afoot, the publisher have announced a second exclusive deal in recent weeks, this time with writer Ed Brisson.

Brisson has already shown his writing chops in many different types of books, but has been currently writing Marvel books Iron Fist and Old Man Logan. He will continue to write exclusively for Marvel in this new agreement.
Brisson enthuses:

I’ve been a huge Marvel fan since I was a kid. I grew up with stacks of Spider-Man, Punisher, Daredevil, Ghost Rider and X-Men littering my bedroom floor. The comics would be in tatters because I would read them repeatedly, often having to tape the covers back on. I remember being on vacation when Kraven’s Last Hunt was coming out and begging my mom to drive me a half hour to the closest town with a convenience store so that I wouldn’t miss out on the latest issue. It’s still surreal to me that I’m currently writing some of those characters that I grew up reading. I don’t know that I’ll ever get over that feeling. I hope that I don’t.

This fall, Brisson will continue working within the Marvel Universe with the Legacy stories of Cable: Newer Mutants and Old Man Logan: The Scarlet Samurai.

Brisson adds:

Everyone at Marvel has been great to work with. They seem to really understand who I am as a writer and have been playing to that, while also pushing me to grow as a writer. It’s been just over a year since I started writing for Marvel on a regular basis and I feel that I’ve learned more from my collaborators and editors in that short time than I have in the years leading up to it. It’s truly been an incredible experience.

Look out for Brisson’s upcoming books, which are bound to show the quality and dedication he’s brought to all his work in comics in his career thus far.

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