The Batman Director Matt Reeves Says Film Stands Apart From DC Film Universe

by Erik Amaya

The Batman will be the latest Warner Bros. Pictures project to stand apart from the so-called DC Extended Universe.
The Wrap reports director Matt Reeves revealed the project’s out-of-universe status while appearing on a July podcast from Los Angeles radio station KCRW. “I have a vision for a way to do something with that character that feels like it resonates with me personally, and a perspective that can grow out into other things,” he said. He also revealed the offer the studio made to him: “it’s a standalone, it’s not part of the extended universe.”
Some may recall Reeves withdrew from negotiations for a short time, but returned after he and the studio ironed out a difference of opinion. Is it possible the ability to set the film outside the increasing moribund DCEU was the point of contention? Did it also seed the idea that the studio could make films without ties to their burgeoning film universe?
This revelation is the latest in the long line of stories indicating a complete lack of direction on the part of Warner Bros. and their desire for a cinematic universe based on the DC Comics characters. But now it seems they’ve completely lost confidence in making that cinematic universe work at all. Consider the departure of three directors from The Flash, the constant bad press around Justice League, and yesterday’s announcement of a “Batman Origins: The Joker” standalone project with Todd Phillips. Despite the success of the critically acclaim and financial success of Wonder Woman, it appears the bold experiment of uniting the DC heroes has failed before their first meeting can even be seen by audiences.
Also, start counting down the minutes before Ben Affleck lets the other bat-boot drop.
As I’ve said before, I grew up as Johnny DC. I don’t want the custodians of these characters to be as lost as Warner Bros. seems to be at every turn. I want these movies to be creative success that introduce obscure character to new audiences. Alas, it seems the studio just wants to be in the Batman business. Which, maybe, is better for everyone involved.
The Batman is scheduled for release after the Final Crisis.

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