Thought Bubble Releases Full Schedule For Comics Festival In September

by Olly MacNamee


You have SDCC at the start of the summer and we here in the UK have Thought Bubble (TB) at the end, rounding off a stellar, if somewhat packed, comic-con schedule for the year.
Well, over here in Good Old Blighty, TB have just revealed their schedule of events across the full week of the festival, starting Monday 18th September and crescendoing in a weekend-long comic convention on September 23rd and 24th.
Guests include the likes of Shelly Bond and her new imprint Black Crown, Gerard Way and his Young Animals as well as the likes of Kieron Gillen, Sara Pichelli and … ah, why not take a look for yourselves here. It’s a huge line-up of creators from both the USA and the UK, with 2000AD continuing their year long celebrations for their 40th anniversary along the way too. And, why not. It’s a remarkable achievement in this day and age.

What’s also remarkable, in my opinion, is that this is a convention to rival anything London has to offer and that’s saying something. Especially when you clock the packed schedule.
If you are going, here’s my tip: go look for you favourite creator Sunday morning. Last year, the Saturday line for Yanick Paquette was far too long for me, as much as us Brits seem to love queuing–albeit, the worse for wear after a night of comic-con shenanigans–but come the Sunday morning I strolled right up to him, stinking of booze, I imagine. He was even generous enough to give my copy of Earth One: Wonder Woman a quick headshot doodle on the inside cover too as we pontificated at the time what a dreadful world it would be if Trump was President. Well, we both got that one wrong, didn’t we?
See you there! Or at the bar. Whichever comes first.

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