Gotham By Gaslight Video Unveils Expanded Vision On Elseworlds Classic

by Erik Amaya

An 8-minute preview of the upcoming direct-to-video feature Gotham By Gaslight surfaced on YouTube yesterday. The latest in the long-running DC Universe Animated Original Movie range takes its cues from the Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola Elseworlds comic book of the same name. But, as the video reveals, the film will expand on the 52-page one shot.

While the production values scrub out a lot of the look Mignola brought to the original comic, executive producer Bruce Timm’s description of it as a Gilligan’s Island episode gone mad makes it all the more intriguing. Where the comic book used only Batman, Alfred and Gordon, the film brings Selina Kyle, Harvey Dent and and at least one Robin into the steam-infused Victorian era Gotham. The Gotham by Gaslight concept has always been a provocative one. It eventually spawned a sequel, Batman: Master of the Future, and earned an official DC Universe Earth designation in the mid 2000s. Granted, I’m not entirely sure if Earth-19 is still the Gaslight world in the post-Flashpoint reality.
Nevertheless, the movie’s take on the concept looks fascinating as it expands to more of the Batfamily. The film is still in production and not yet on the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment release schedule.

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