Hearthstone Takes On A Pixar Style With A Musical Short At Games Con 2017

by Christine Marie Attardo

GamesCon 2017 is currently happening and that means some new stuff from Blizzard. While there is a lot of news circulating, some particularly exciting Hearthstone news was revealed. Yes, we’ve heard now about the Fireside Gatherings Tavern Brawls, and I’m sure you’re all already playing the new expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne…but have you experienced the animated short?

How amazing was that? I love the Pixar feel that the short has, and the musical nature of it all just makes it even better! Apparently we can look forward to having more shorts just like this one and perhaps even comics in the same style. The characters featured in this short would make for interesting characters to read about. I’m continually excited about the new horizon’s Blizzard is reaching with their games. Since Hearthstone is my favorite, I’m especially happy that so much attention is being focused on them.
For more information follow the news on Hearthstone’s Twitter.

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