Preview GWAR: Orgasmageddon #3 From Matt Miner, Matt Maguire And Jonathan Brandon Sawyer

by Olly MacNamee

Back once again this month from Dynamite are those Scumdogs of the Universe, GWAR, ready to rock your world or gross you out, depending on your constitution I suppose.
Well, my constitution is more than ready for another doss of foul-mouthed banter and violent over-the-top, time-tripping action as we catch up with ‘the most notorious intergalactic rock-and-roll band of murderous aliens’ as they  face down the gargantuan ocean-dwelling Krakunt from last issue.
And, ahead of next week’s thrilling third issue hitting stores we have a few choice preview pages for you to cast your discerning eyes over, including all the covers from nifty Giant-size X-Men #1 homage to another photomontage cover and all things in-between.
Enjoy my fellow Hellhounds!

Gwar: Orgasmageddon #3 is out on August 30th by Matt Miner (writer), Matt Maguire (writer/artist), Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and Tom Neely (artists).

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