Meet The Ancient Dark When Extremity Returns In October From Skybound

by Hannah Means Shannon

Daniel Warren Johnson, who both writes and draws Extremity, joined by Mike Spicer on colors, are bringing back the series for a second arc starting with issue #7 in October from Skybound.

The comic is an extreme version of a dystopian epic where two cultures have been destroyed by “an endless cycle of violence” and now live in the ruins of that conflict. Focusing in on one family, in particular, Extremity follows the life of Thea, who was once a talented artist but after suffering an amputation, is out for revenge.

In this series’ seventh issue, Thea and her brother Rollo enter “the Ancient Dark”, where they are hunted by things that “dare not live in the light above”.

Johnson says:

The second arc is something I’m excited to share with everyone. I put a tremendous amount of time into building up the world below that readers haven’t seen yet, so it’ll be refreshing to finally show it off!

Extremity #7 (Diamond code: AUG170649) arrives in comic shops Wednesday, October 4th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, September 11th.

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