New Punisher Clip Teases Airdate

by Erik Amaya


Marvel released a new brief teaser for the upcoming Netflix series, The Punisher. To look at it, one might think its the title sequence, but it also features something resembling an airdate.

While the release date is still classified, the official Punisher account tweeted a Morse Code message earlier today, suggesting something will be revealed at “3am.” Typically Netflix shows become available at 12am Pacific/3am Eastern. So it could be a surprise launch of the series, as suggests, or it could also be the launch date reveal. Then again, the Punisher account continued to tweet out Morse Code messages with equally cryptic meanings. They include following words or phrases: “two dead men,” “Kandahar,” “resupply gunner,” “the judas goat,” “crosshairs,” “cold steel,” “front toward enemy,” “Virtue of the Vicious,” “danger close,” “home,” and “Memento Mori.” Which puts the initial “3am” message in a different light. All of it could have meaning to Frank’s days in Special Forces.

If nothing else, the Marvel publicity machine has turned its eye to The Punisher and we should all get ready. The series stars Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, Ben Barnes as Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Frank’s semi-reluctant tech support Micro; Deborah Ann Woll reprising her Daredevil and Defenders role as Karen Page; and Ben Barnes as Billy Russo, the man who will be Jigsaw.

The Punisher comes to Netflix soon.

Erik Amaya

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