Steven Universe Sails Into The Unknown This Week In Issue #7

by Hannah Means Shannon

Steven Universe has always been a particularly charming comic published by Boom! Studios, switching up themes and genre accents at will, and featuring the beloved characters from the animated series created by Rebecca Sugar. This week’s issue, #7, is written by Grace Kraft, with art by Meg Omac, and colors by Whitney Cogar, and they keep the quality just as high as we’ve come to expect from the series.
Covers on this issue are by Missy Peña, Josceline Fenton, and Sara Talmadge:

In issue #7, it’s an oceanic adventure as Steven and the Gems set sail on the gem sloop (gotta love the name) to find and retrieve a gem artifact in a remote location (of course) inaccessible by warp pad (even more of course).
They discover the artifact is guarded by a territorial gem monster (hooray/oh no!), who shipwrecks the Crystal Gems in their first attempt to get the artifact (uh oh). Luckily, Onion and his dad, Yellowtail, are out on a fishing trip and happen upon the Gems at just the right time (big whew).
In short, this week’s issue is a delightful, dramatic voyage comic featuring all your favorite elements and lovely art, to boot.
Here’s our look at the interior art on Steven Universe #7:

 Steven Universe #7 sails into shops this Wednesday, August 30th, 2017.

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