Rude And Raucous – Advance Review Of GWAR: Orgasmageddon #3 From Dynamite

by Olly MacNamee

In this penultimate issue of GWAR’s first ever comic book series, the Scumdogs of the Universe are still time-hopping (or, should that be ‘time-stumbling’) through history in search of the Dr Manhattan-like parody character, Mr. Perfect, along with their new traveling companion, Hitler’s dog. As you do.
Facing off against the gargantuan Krakunt as the Titanic sinks, GWAR soon meet up with some other familiar faces from their history, and ones that should not be unfamiliar with GWAR fans, such as coming face-to-face in Renaissance Italy with long-time band friend, Sexecutioner. It’s another fast-paced issue leaving GWAR very little time to think, only time to act. And, by ‘act’ I mean, punch through anything that crosses their path.

But, what’s in it for non-GWAR fans? Why should they pick up a comic that could easily been pegged as a niche comic with a very niche fanbase?
Well, there’s the story for starts; by Matt Miner and Matt Maguire. It may be equal parts dick jokes and destruction (something GWAR themselves are all too aware of, showing a Deadpool-like understanding sometimes that they are in a comic and commenting that, “filling panels with carnage is what the people demand”), but these larger than life characters are not to be taken seriously.
The comic is a comedy; rude and raucous but a fun read. You don’t need to be a GWAR fan to enjoy this gory sci-fi series, and along the way you may even become a GWAR convert. Stranger things have happened. Certainly, if you like the darker humour of Family Guy, then you’ll dig this too. After all, these are supposed to be funny books, right? Think Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure crossed with The Army of Darkness and you’re partway there.

The art also helped sell the book to me, particularly when Jonathan Brandon Sawyer provides the interiors. A relative newcomer to funny books, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer is certainly a talent to watch out for being able to show off character interaction, realism (Hitler’s dog) and exaggeration, as well as period detail from whichever time period GWAR find themselves slap-bang in the middle of. That, and buckets of the requisite gore too.
After all, GWAR don’t pretend to be Doctor Who, so their travels through time are often the catalyst for some pretty bad historical events with a trail of blood left in their wake. Messing with time, albeit accidentally, is of no real concern to these aliens.

Tom Neely and Matt ‘Sawborg Destructo’ Maguire also help Brandon Sawyer to complete this fourth installment and in a style not too dissimilar to Sawyer’s own, which helps the flow of the book when reading it. And, as with previous issues, there is the inclusion of some further, shorter strips from the warped minds of Miner, Maguire and friends giving this a fanzine vibe to it too. A comic about GWAR with GWAR members helping out on scripting and art. One for the fans, and one for fans of funny books.
GWAR: Orgasmageddon #3 is out this Wednesday 30th August.

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