‘Stop Saying Entourage!!’ – Your Pal Archie Is Back This Week

by Hannah Means Shannon

Classic Archie got a makeover in new all-ages series Your Pal Archie, but the classic fun is still there in the comic–just with a slightly spiffier wardrobe courtesy of artist Dan Parent. Modeled to reflect a little more of the aesthetic of the Riverdale TV show, this classic series written by Ty Templeton arrived for its second issue this week.

In it, Archie has won the lottery. Veronica, no stranger to wealth, is not impressed, but the dosh goes straight to Archie’s head. But there’s also something a little eerie going on–Reggie has suddenly become…nice. Too nice! Something must be up.

Check out this week’s Your Pal Archie #2:

Your Pal Archie #2 is currently available in shops from Archie Comics.

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