Inhumans Showrunner Calls Lockjaw A “Fun Mystery”

by Erik Amaya


Though his appearances in the debut of Inhumans are limited, Lockjaw is one of the series’ great successes. One would have to willfully screw-up something as simple and delightful as a giant teleporting bulldog. And as showrunner Scott Buck told CBR, the character is definitely a bulldog.
“Lockjaw is not an Inhuman. This is not his territory. He’s a dog. He’s always been a dog,” he explained. While initially presented as a dog in his earliest Marvel Comics appearances, various comic book tales put forward the possibility that Lockjaw was an Inhuman who became a dog after going through the Terrigenesis ritual all Inhuman undertake to produce their powers.
Like I said, one would have to willfully want to screw-up Lockjaw. And Buck, the increasingly unpopular executive producer behind Inhumans and the first season of Iron Fist may yet find a way with this teasing follow-up to his bulldog assertion: “How he came to be this way, why is he so big? How can he teleport? It’s a fun mystery. We’re not going to fully explore that — just yet, anyway.” Personally, I’ve never once asked why Lockjaw is the way he is; he’s just too rad a concept to be questioned. And if an answer is needed, “Incanine” is simple enough. But if the IMAX presentation is anything to go by, Inhumans will not have the time or the budget to probe Lockjaw’s origins too closely. They barely have the time or budget to feature him at all.
Inhumans debuts on ABC September 29th.

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