Just The Right Type Of Cocky – Advance Review Of Scales And Scoundrels #1 From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Being accused by the biggest baddest looking dude in the room of cheating at cards seems to be something more akin to a Western, but here we have this exact same dilemma transposed onto the fantasy world of Scales and Scoundrels, the new books from Image out this week. And, as it all kicks-off, the ‘scales’ of the title makes themselves known, even if it’s just via a well timed gush of fire on proceedings. No sooner is the mysterious female thief rescued and any sign of a dragon goes up in smoke. Was it just good luck, or something more?

As this debut issue unravels, we get more of a take on the wandering treasure-hunter and adventure-seeker, Luvander, who is both foul-mouthed and brash. A winning combination given the scrapes she finds herself getting into. She confident and the right amount of scoundrel too, but can she escape her exploits without consequences?
Adding the art to a story written by Sebastian Girner is Galaad, who provides a picture-book quality to the series, and a colour palette that complements the art, feeling like watercolours have been applied to the delicate artwork.
It’s a fast-paced all-ages read that anyone with a kid can share in. I love comics like this; ones that can bridge the gap between parent and child and offer an inway into comic books that–thanks to the simple layout of each page–offers up a comfortable, no-nonsense read. Luvander is just the right type of cocky for me, and it will be interesting to see where her wandering takes her next. After all, by the end of this first issue, she has options. And gold to seek.
Scales and Scoundrels #1 is available this Wednesday, the 6th of September from Image Comics.

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