Danielle Panabaker Discusses Caitlin Snow’s Team Flash Status

by Erik Amaya


Despite a Comic-Con sizzle reel suggesting Dr. Caitlin Snow’s return to Team Flash has already occurred, actor Danielle Panabaker told a Dragon Con audience that things are not so chummy yet.
According to The Beat, she explained the situation at S.T.A.R. Labs going into the fourth season. “Team Flash is certainly trying to function even without Barry. Iris has certainly stepped up and taken more of a leadership role,” she said. “Kid Flash is still out there trying to fill The Flash’s shoes. You’ve got Cisco and Vibe trying to help as well. But Caitlin is not a part of Team Flash at the top of the season.” Considering Caitlin’s emotional state at the end of year three, a off-screen reconciliation would not be in service of the character.
Keeping with tradition for The Flash and Arrow, the first episode of new season will pick up some months after the season three finale. Panabaker was uncertain if it will be a six-month jump. The break will explain away the absence of Julian Albert, the Tom Felton character who tried his best to bring Killer Frost back from the brink. And speaking of Killer Frost, Panabaker said fans of her villainous alter ego will not be disappointed in the new season.
The Flash returns October 10th on The CW.

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