Supergirl Recasts Kara And Alex For Flashback Story

by Erik Amaya


The next time Kara flashes back to her childhood, someone new will be playing her.

Entertainment Weekly reports The Fosters‘ Izabela Vidovic will play a high school aged Kara in an upcoming episode. TVLine added to the story, revealing The Americans‘ Olivia Nikkanen will play a younger Alex in the same episode. The pair replace Malina Weissman and Jordan Mazarati as the younger Danvers sisters.

And though it seems replacing Weissman was an issue of scheduling — she now stars on Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events — the logline for the episode firmly establishes the flashbacks will take place during Kara and Alex’s during their later years at Midvale high. Which, to be honest, sounds more interesting than the recasting itself.

The sixth episode of season three, titled “Midvale,” sees Kara and Alex heading home to “relive a murder mystery from high school that shaped their relationship as we know it.” There are shades of Superman III, there. And anytime Supergirl pilfers from that film, they always manage to do it one better. Okay, I guess the only Superman III pilfering so far was the homage in the first season Red K episode. But it was one of the best episodes of the debut run. Time will tell if “Midvale” will make any more homages or use the trip home to its fullest potential.

Supergirl returns October 9th on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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